Running, sweating, dieting, pushing your body to its breaking point. This is the heart of athletes who want the glory, who want the fame, and the respect. This is what serious track athletes crave, wish and yearn for. The opportunity to make dreams become reality and competition is where it’s achieved. It's not just track and field. It's a way of life.

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26.  Conditioning for the new season. 

26.  Conditioning for the new season. 


Hannah’s Flashmob Prom Proposal for Alexis

A big big big THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible!

Filmed by: Jirla Jem Salvador
Choreographed/Organized by: Natalie Tice, Sami Armiger, Becca Fontanilla, Tricia Tran, Tasha Stachowiak, Cindy Arce, and Hannah Nguyen
Dancers: Ameera Naguib, Gagan Sandhu, Marisa Yang, Didi Petkiewicz, Rachelle Raudes, Molly Cashman, Justine dela Rosa, Maddie Evans, Mariam Khan, Nandini Gupta, Katrina Pasao, Nikki Inamine, Chrissy Mitchell, Klara Tomkins, Audrey Moore, Katie Foltz, Catherine Lau, Yvette Chua, Patrizia Rin, Amna Khan
Sign Holders: Gina Gacad and Valerie Arce
Bouquet Holder: Feeza Mohammad
And thanks to Katrina Ramos for leading Alexis out to her special surprise! 

And of course, thank you to Alexis for being the reason that this special performance took place (and saying yes!)

I wanna dance with somebody who loves me at prom and baby, it’s YOU!

I don’t care that this is not track related, but I wanted to share with all of you one of the absolute joys in my life.  (Which is her if you didn’t catch that).  

24. Breaking school records.
Suggested by: k-tor.

24. Breaking school records.

Suggested by: k-tor.